Nitra Art ?

Nitra Art is a talented painter who is guided by his emotions while he is painting. Nitra paints animals from his native country as well as your cat or dog. Instrumental of Blues and Reggae music inspires him while he is making a new artwork.

“I make all my paintings with a positive energy. They are colorful, but also imaginative. Painting is a true passion for me. I am always busy with the design of a new painting. I choose a subject, or someone asks me to paint about something and then I express my own artistry true the painting. ”  Nitra

Rwanda : Special African Animals

Rwanda is not the most famous place in Africa, but it is one of the few countries where it is possible to see mountain gorillas and many more wildlife animals. Nitra is also enormously inspired by these special African animals.

They brought me from Africa, but they will never be able to take Africa from me.”

Biography of Nitra Ntibiramira

Nitra Ntibiramira Denis was born in 1985 in Rwanda. 9 years later he moved to a new world: Belgium. Here he got to know the Western culture. His works clearly show how he is able to unite the best of those two worlds. The love for his native country is recognizable in the way he manages to portray the beautiful animals from Africa, powerful, sparkling and penetrating, but also with something of the modesty of the western world.